Services Offered

Psychotherapy Services

Oasis offers a broad range of psychotherapy services which address the gamut of psychiatric, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and phase of life issues for which people might seek professional assistance.

Each of our professional staff members possess at least a Master’s Degree and are licensed psychotherapists. The most common types of problems we treat are anxiety, depression, substance use, and marital/family distress. All our providers are highly credentialed and have extensive experience in helping others. We treat individual adults and children, couples, families, and groups, as clinically indicated.

Addiction Services

There are four certified addiction counselors on staff. We provide outpatient evaluation, treatment, and referral services to individuals, families, and groups. We also offer counseling for individuals in medication-assisted treatment programs. We will collaborate with the prescriber of your choice to assist with recovery from opioid, opiate, and alcohol addiction.

Our addictions treatment staff has very good relationships with a network of local and national addiction treatment programs which offer more intensive care. Using A.S.A.M. Patient Placement Criteria 3rd edition we can determine the appropriate level of care and offer seamless referrals to the treatment facility providing the level of care which best matches the individual’s need.

DOT/SAP Services

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) under the FHWA regulation 49CFR Part 382, has established certain rules for ensuring public safety in federally-qualified transportation services. The safety objective is to prevent, through deterrence and detection, alcohol and controlled substances users from performing transportation “safety-sensitive” functions. The substance abuse professional (SAP) is responsible for several duties important to the evaluation, referral and treatment of employees identified through breath and urinalysis testing as being positive for alcohol and/or controlled substance use. Shawn Cade and April Watkins provide the DOT/SAP services at Oasis.

EAP Services

Many modern companies offer employees a program known as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The goal of such programs is to provide a procedure whereby an employer can offer an employee another alternative besides personnel discipline, when a job-performance problem has been identified. This approach also offers an employee a practical, confidential, and solution-focused approach to problems which may be affecting their ability to satisfactorily complete work tasks. The goal is to assist the employee in identifying and resolving the problem at their earliest stage and return the employee to effective levels of work performance.

Adult Psychological Testing

Psychological testing can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Intellectual (IQ) and achievement testing, for example, is helpful in assessing the nature of learning difficulties and in providing future treatment. Psychological testing can also be helpful in addressing such issues as diagnostic clarification and reinforcing appropriate treatment considerations.

Risk Assessment

Oasis has a long-standing reputation of competency in assessing adults and youth at risk for chronically violent and suicidal behaviors. This includes the addition of the CARE-2 and F-RISK Assessments, which work to identify those at risk for chronic violence and determines specific interventions needed to prevent any future risk of aggressive behavior.


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